Are you playing small to stay safe?

A few months ago, I accepted the invitation and challenge to write a chapter in the book The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness. I say challenge because I have never considered writing “professionally” although my daughter would love to have contributions for our website and social media.

So, as I sometimes do when I’m ruminating on something, I will select a book or one of my oracle decks, randomly pick a page or card, and just see what the energy shows me. In this case I picked up a little book by Katy Bray Life with the Lights On – 90 Days to MultiDimensional Living, Volume Three. I had not yet started to read it, so I felt moved to turn to the first page. This is what was written:

“Do you define yourself by the roles you play? You give up a lot of freedom when you define yourself this way. When confronted with something incongruent with a role you are attached to, you may quickly dismiss it because it is outside of how you see yourself, keeping you from trying something new. When you define yourself from a higher place, you free yourself from limitations.”

It never ceases to amaze me how synchronicity plays such a big part in our lives and how the universe conspires on our behalf. The book is being released February 11, 2021, on Amazon! It’s sure to be a best seller. You can find me in Chapter 7 of the book, Choose to Feel Happy – The Power of Gentle Touch and Mindfulness


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