Ordering In

I used to treat myself to a nice lunch and/or dinner at least once a week. A nice restaurant for a good “someone else cooked for me and waited on me” meal. Sometimes with a friend, sometimes just me. This has now become “order in” but it isn’t the same as someone treating you, eating a hot meal at a table then someone else cleans and takes care of washing the dishes. Looking forward to that again soon. Not much changes for a person who has chosen to live alone and on some level an introvert for we honor, respect, and enjoy our quiet time. The major difference for me is the “imposed” quarantine and solitude. When it’s your choice, it’s different. It has encouraged me to reach out a bit more to family and friends and check on those that lead much more social life.. those that may not appreciate the solitude so much. And I must say, it is very nice to have my family and friends checking in with me more often.

A not so dramatic drama....The second of two major dramas for me was the untimely demise of my toaster oven - I use it EVERY day and didn’t realize how really dependent I am on it. It’s actually a staple in my house. My big oven probably doesn’t even know how to turn on anymore. So, for a week I struggled with how to bake 1 potato, toast a piece of bread, cook a biscuit, warm up dinner already wrapped in foil. Yep, there’s the microwave, but the thing about that is it will warm up but before you can actually eat your meal, it gets cold again or it gets overcooked. I’ve have found the trick for me is to use several shorter warming cycles rather than one longer one. Nope. I need my toaster oven. It finally came Monday. It’s all washed and ready for use. First thing cooked...cinnamon toast. Can’t wait to try a chicken on the rotisserie.

Now you ask...what was the first drama? That would be strep throat with very unpleasant reactions to the meds. All that on the cusp of the imposed quarantine around the coronavirus. So in one respect, the quarantine served as a good reason for me to stay in place and heal. Caring for self, being sure I drank enough water, took meds are the correct times, and actually ate food was a bit of a challenge. When you don’t feel good, you really don’t feel like doing anything. One side affect to the meds was a lack of sleep. My body metabolizes meds differently than most so I was wide awake for the better part of 3 days. I had to take the opportunity to catch an hour or two of sleep whenever I could. It’s been three weeks and I have finally begun to feel human again.

Emma and I were never able to open the doors of Sacred Space Restorative Bodywork to the public. So when I recovered some from the strep throat, I took some time to go into the studio a few days and set up my space to be ready to work when this stay in place quarantine is over. In addition, my scheduled clients were of course postponed until who knows and we are all looking forward to getting back into a new norm of routine.

I am working toward decluttering and completing my taxes during this next 3 weeks of the extended stay in place quarantine. First up, clear the paper clutter from the floors and dining table. Then I may tackle my closet and the spare room books and other things that need to go.

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