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Massage Therapy



Deep targeted pressure for stressed and overworked muscles. Techniques such as stretching, trigger point therapy, and manipulation of soft tissue will be used to unlock tension and relieve pain. 


This massage session will help alleviate strain on your joints and keep muscles supple while increasing range of motion and flexibility.

$55      $115      $130.     $155     

30min.   60min.   75min.     90 min.



Firm pressure massage geared toward relaxation and incorporating deep/sports massage elements in targeted areas where a client is feeling the most strain and tightness. 


This massage is perfect for anyone who needs relief from acute or chronic stress. You will feel refreshed and restored to keep up with your busy lifestyle. 

  $90     $105    $130

  60min   75min    90min

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Swedish will employ a variety of techniques throughout the massage including (but certainly not limited to) long gliding stokes towards the heart to promote circulation and lymph flow, compression on major muscle groups and attachment sights to gently release tense muscles, and passive joint movements to keep joints health and lubricated. 

  $80       $95        $110    

  60min.   75min.     90 min.

Service Enhancers

Essential Oils

Clients can choose from Relaxing, Grounding, or Uplifting blend of  essential oils


Hot Stone 

The benefits of hot stones in massage is the ability to deeply penetrate the muscles, promoting deep relaxation.

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