Other Services

Oil Massage

Lymphatic Cleansing

This technique helps cleanse and detoxify the muscles and release the waste by-products that cause pain and stiffness. Clients are highly encouraged to follow the after-care instructions provided. Minor detox reactions may be experienced. 


This technique is not recommended for those with open wounds, pregnant or during moms, or those who have had chemo or radiation within the last six months. 


$125 per session (90 min) 

*Please call 918-639-5540 to schedule

Herbal Oils

Sacred Touch of Oil Therapy

Our signature therapeutic bodywork blends essential oils, energy balancing, and massage. A unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils is used during the massage of various neurolymphatic points in the body. Lymph drainage can be increased and improved, the immune system stimulated and strengthened, and toxins released from the muscles, tissues, and organs. Associated muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia can be maintained and relaxed, restoring harmony to the body.

$110 per session (65 minutes)

$75 per session (65 minutes- Client provides required therapeutic grade oils)

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